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2 Day Pipe Tomahawk Class

Caylor Forge offers a 2 Day Pipe Tomahawk class a few times a year. 

Register soon, the slots fill up fast!

Make Your Own
Fully Functional
Pipe Tomahawk

Your pipe tomahawk will not just be something that sits on a self. It will be a work of art and a fully functioning pipe you can say, "I made myself."

Please, use responsibly.

BD_2021_REFORGED-00179.jpg pipe tomahawk

Pipe Tomahawk Registration Form

Below is our registration form for our

2 Day Pipe Tomahawk Class. 

After registering, you should receive an email from us with information about your class!

Deposits are non-refundable. 

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Scroll down in the form!

Did you get blocked after you submitted your form?

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Image by Montse Monmo



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