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Who We Are


Chad Caylor, Sr

Owner, Retired U.S. Army

Chad is a Retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant and owner of Caylor Forge. He is one of the head instructors in our forge and a dedicated Director of Reforged. When he is not running the store, forge, or volunteering, he is a process engineer.


Marilyn Caylor, MA, LPC

Business Manager

Marilyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She daylights as an LPC at Caylor Counseling and Consulting. Marilyn specializes in combat, sexual assault, and childhood physical/sexual abuse related trauma, and is experienced with LGBTQIA2S+ concerns. She is also the Executive Director of Reforged, a non-profit dedicated to helping Veterans and First Responders with PTSD.


Sabrina Caylor

Manager/ Jack of All Trades

Sabrina is the second oldest Caylor child. She is currently working on her Bachelors degree in Anthropology with a Minor in German. She likes to read in her free time. She is passionate about her family and her dogs. 

Victor Caylor

Head Instructor

Vic is Chad and Marilyn's eldest son. He is an Air Force Veteran. He is a patient and talented blacksmith. He specializes in small knives and challenging knife styles. He's strange, but we claim him anyway. In his free time, Vic is an avid gamer, especially Minecraft.


Jesus Caylor


Jesus is the middle Caylor son. He is the guy professional knife makers seek to sharpen their knives. He is known for sharpening a blade so well it cut clean through a leather sheath as it slid into place. Jesus is also an avid gamer, with a strong love of the fantasy genre. He is a family guy through and through. 

Chad Caylor, Jr


Jr Caylor is Chad and Marilyn's youngest son. He is currently serving as a Marine and we couldn't be more proud of him. He specializes in fantasy knives and curvy knife styles. His interest in blacksmithing after he graduated high school became infectious and passed to the whole Caylor family.


Kari Snow

Media Manager

Kari is our newest addition to the team and has been practicing photography for 8 years now. Her favorite outdoor pass time is nature photography/hiking and her favorite indoor pass time is crocheting/painting. She is currently in school for Digital Media & Design with plans to graduate in Spring 2024.


Nathan Healy


Nate has been blacksmithing for a year now and is one of our instructors. He is a Marine Veteran. When he's not running the store or forging in the back, you can find him outdoors hiking with Kona, his dog.


Robin Denburg

Store Clerk

Robin has been with Caylor Forge since April of 2022. She was born and raised in New York, but moved to Texas in April of 2021. Robin enjoys long motorcycle rides down two lane country roads. When she's not out riding bikes, you can find her crafting or spending time with her Cat and Skinnypig, Crestley and Gus.

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