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Exclusive Services

& Experiences

Caylor Forge offers onsite expert knife sharpening service at our retail store in New Braunfels and at our home forge in San Antonio. We also offer the opportunity to engage in amazing experiences you will cherish for a lifetime.


Hammered in Gruene


Blacksmith Apprenticeship

Our Experienced Blacksmiths created a program of instruction to guide apprentices in proper hammering technique, tool use, and shop safety.

As the apprentice advances they will be challenged with increasingly skilled projects. 

To advance to the next level, apprentices must demonstrate their ability to work with and, eventually, instruct others.

Knife Sharpening Service


Knife sharpening is almost every day the retail shop is open. Walk ins are welcome.

You also have the option of bringing your blades by the home forge to be sharpened at the earliest availability. 

Cost: $5.00 per inch

Make Your Own Souvenir


You can make your own souvenir "Hammered in Gruene" style. We offer multiple price points starting at $25 where you forge one on one with an expert Blacksmith to make a mild steel or copper piece of art. You can choose from a bottle opener, bracelet, horseshoe knife, mini minecart spike knife, or full-size railroad spike knife.

Ask our smiths about one on one blacksmith lessons.

Participants welcome, age 3 to 103. Our smiths are capable of working with people of all ages and physical abilities. They specialize in working with disabled Veterans.

One Day Knife Making Class


Our one day knife making class is customized to fit your needs.  Larger groups will have the opportunity to make a Rail Road spike knife. Smaller groups will have greater range to be creative with customized knives from a billet of steel. Either way you will have bragging rights you made it yourself.

Starting cost: $300 per person

Two Day Knife Making Class


The two day class opens a lot of opportunity to try something new and get creative. This class is for the student who wants a highly polished, customized blade or more time to learn one on one from expert blade smiths. This is for the small group looking for a meaningful, team building experience.

Starting cost: $500 per person

Knife Sharpening on Caylor Forge Services

Small Group/ Troop Experience

Image by Mael BALLAND

Your small group will have an educational and engaging experience.  With this experience you learn about the history of Blacksmithing and the beginnings of Historic Gruene, Texas! Each participant gets 15 minutes one on one with a Blacksmith to craft a camping utensil. You can also add the experience of dyeing and customizing a leather sheath for your utensil.

Starting cost: $25 per participant

Add ons costs: Average $10 per participant

Discount pricing available in January and February. Call us for more details and scheduling your group.

Special Experiences

Image by Thought Catalog

Throughout the year we offer special opportunities to make gifts from the heart.  Our talented staff make jewelry, leather bags, hooks, and other housewares. Occasionally offer these experiences to individuals and groups.

Valentine's Day- Forge a heart for a loved one

or bring your loved one and forge two hearts together.

Mother's Day- Make Mom a bracelet you design and craft yourself.

Father's Day- Make Dad a personalized knife stamped with up to two initials.

See our Facebook Page @caylor forge for more information about special projects.

Caylor Forge Special Projects
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