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Caylor Forge
Apprentice Program

Open Forge/Instruction Time

Novice Apprentices and Apprentices under 18 years of age will choose Instruction Forge time either

Monday 12-3pm or 5-8pm


Intermediate & Advanced Apprentices over age 18 will have access to the Forge and Caylor Forge instructors

Monday 12-3pm or 5-8pm

Skill and Ability

Prior experience is not required to begin lessons.

Our instructors work with people age 7 and older. They have experience working with people with various abilities including:



Limited Sight

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our equipment is specially designed to accommodate people with wheelchairs and other mobility concerns.

Program of Instruction

Our Experienced Blacksmiths created a program of instruction to guide apprentices in proper hammering technique, tool use, and shop safety.

As the apprentice advances they will be challenged with increasingly skilled projects. 

To advance to the next level, they must be able to demonstrate their ability to work with and , eventually, instruct others.

Our apprentices are offered opportunities to sign up for classes with special guests before the classes are announced to the general public.


Novice Apprentices choose an open forge time where dedicated Caylor Forge instructors will guide and advise them on entry level blacksmith projects.

They will work to complete assigned beginner level projects and demonstrate forge safety awareness.


Intermediate Apprentices will be encouraged to find appropriate projects they are interested in making in addition to making assigned intermediate level blacksmithing projects.

Intermediate Apprentices over age 18 will have access to open forge times throughout the week.


Advanced Apprentices will work on individual projects with access to experienced blacksmiths. They will also have access to train with a wider range of tools and machines.

Fridays are reserved for Intermediate and Advanced students allowing the ability to spread out projects in work spaces.

New Apprentice

Membership Benefits

  • Shop Safety Introduction

  • Materials and supplies for the first project

  • Application processing


Ongoing Apprentice

Membership Benefits

  • Savings at  1/3 the cost of individual blacksmith lessons

  • Dedicated forge/instructor time

  • Equipment and supply use

  • Caylor Forge Apprentice Materials Discount

  • Automatically charged to payment method of choice

  • Family Membership Discount 


Apprentice Blacksmith Membership Fees

One time Application Fee

$50- Non-Refundable

Recurring Monthly Membership Fee

3 month or 6 month, commitment required

Initial Membership can be paid in full or spread over monthly payments.

Month-to-month ongoing payments

Students will be responsible for costs of materials/supplies for subsequent projects.

Optional fees may arise as guest knife makers and blacksmiths offer learning opportunities at our home forge.

Scholarships/tuition assistance are available for students under age 21 who need financial assistance. Apprentices on scholarship must demonstrate dedication to attendance of forge times and the value of good citizenship/teamwork. Complete form below to inquire about tuition assistance.

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Apprentice contact form

Ready to Sign Up

We are excited to work with our apprentices.

Next steps are to submit the registration application and new apprentice fee.

Only use this link if you were not provided a link to the payment screen after you submitted the apprentice application.

Contact Our Instructors

Do you have more questions?  Contact us.

Thanks for submitting!
Please, allow 2 business days for a response. 


Pay Monthly Member Fees
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