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Hammered in Historic Gruene

Try your hand at the traditional art of Blacksmithing while you visit Gruene. Our Gruene shop sits just steps away from the original site of the Gruene Blacksmith shop dating back to the late 1800's. Visitors might find a thrown horseshoe or hand-forged nail unearthed by the weather after 100 years.

Gruene is a small Texas ghost town turned main tourist attraction. Step back in time and see original 1800's homes and shops. Discover amazing food and candy shops. Enjoy music and beverages. Come to a concert and dance at historic Gruene Hall.


Mosey on Over

Walk-ins are welcome at Caylor Forge. but we recommend you call ahead on the day you come to check for availability when you come to learn at our stores.

At this time, we only schedule appointments more than 48 hours ahead for groups larger than 6 people. Ask us about our birthday and scout troop specials! We also host family reunions and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Call to Join
our waitlist so you're not standing around in the Texas heat wishing you did!

Rail Road Spike Knife

The Vaquero
+4" blade
Approximate time requirement:
1-2 Hours

Walk ins welcome

This Rail Road spike knife is the king of our mild steel knives. This is often the first full-size knife apprentice Blacksmiths will attempt to make. Your smith will encourage you to use More Arm Now and challenge your abilities. They are there to back you up when your arms turn to jelly.


Small Horse Shoe Knife

The Mini Might
3"-4" blade (approximately)
Approximate time requirement:
30-45 Min
Walk ins welcome

Our knife making experience starts with the Mini Might.  This little knife is easiest to forge for little ones and beginners. It is a nice keepsake to remind you of your trip to Gruene.

Large Horse Shoe Knife

The Ranger
4"-5" blade (approximately)
Approximate time requirement:
30-45 Min

Walk ins welcome

This knife offers a little more challenge and the opportunity to be a little more creative with length, shape, and finish. This is a keepsake that makes everyone smile.


Mini Rail Road Spike Knife

The Jäger
2"-4" blade
Approximate time requirement: 45 Min

Walk ins welcome

Named in honor of Gruene's German roots, the Jäger (translates to Hunter in English) is a special novelty blade which takes more skill and effort to shape. This is a little guy fewer people will have the chance to make due to the rarer source material.

Copper Bracelets

Approximate time requirement: 20-45 Min

Walk ins welcome

Small $25
Medium $35
Large $45


We will guide you through making your own copper bracelet. You can get creative by adding your own design and stamping a message with our letters. 

We add a finishing touch by polishing it to your desired specifications.

bottle opener examples_edited_edited.png

Bottle Opener

The Horseshoe or Minecart Spike Bottle Opener
Approximate time requirement: 1 Hour

Walk ins welcome
Starting at $60

A gift that keeps giving. Make a bottle opener that will remind someone of the trip to Gruene every time it is used. Ask us about making a railroad spike bottle opener if you are up to the challenge.

nail sword necklace_edited.png

Double Headed Nail Sword


Approximate time requirement: 10-15 Min

Walk ins welcome

Free for birthdays

Short on time or attention?

We have your covered. Anyone Age 3+ can hammer out a souvenir nail sword pretty quick.

Add a finishing touch by purchasing a cord to wear it as a necklace.

double headed nail sword at caylor forge. free for birthday person.

Add a necklace cord for $3

Rainbow balloons for Caylor Forge birthday gift free. no purchase necessary.

They Say It's Your Birthday! 

Come make a Double Headed Nail Sword on us.

Birthday person must be Age 3 or older.

No purchase necessary. Cord not included. Please, tip your smith.

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