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Welcome to Caylor Forge!

The Forging Menu

We specialize in working with people with physical and mental limitations. 
Call for details.

 30 minutes to 2 hours

1 to 2 days

  • Rail Road Spike Knife 

  • Blacksmith Lesson 

  • Horseshoe Knife 

  • Bottle Opener 

  • Bracelet

  • Double Headed Nail Sword

Forge at our shops in Gruene, Texas

and San Antonio, Texas

Forging Experiences

are held at:

1633 Hunter Road 

New Braunfels, Texas



109 West Grayson St.

San Antonio, Texas

  • Custom Knife

  • Custom Blade

  • Apprentice Program

San Antonio, Texas

1-2 day classes and apprenticeship

will be held at 

109 W Grayson St

San Antonio, TX 78212


Had a really awesome time taking the one-day knife-making class with my girlfriend!
First found these guys through their handmade knife shop in Gruene (amazing handmade blades for sale there) and found out they run classes, both on-site there and at a home-based forge closer to San Antonio... My girlfriend had a broken arm, and they even had the tools and means to accommodate her so she could still finish a blade, so don’t worry too much about your entry-level skills or physical strength,
if you’re willing you are able!
Neil C., January 2022
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